Our Expertise

FootePrint Marketing & Advertising is your full-service brand-focused virtual marketing and advertising partner with over thirty years of experience creating and establishing brands for business and nonprofit organizations. We use a brand process to create marketing communications that deliver positive results for our clients. This process has a proven track record of bringing businesses to the next level of success.
>> Brand Strategy
Research & Planning
>> Identity Packages
Corporate ID
>> Interactive
Online Campaigns
>> Advertising
Print (Newspaper & Magazine)
Broadcast (TV & Radio)
Outdoor (Billboard, Transit)
>> Collateral
Sales Literature
>> Media Planning

Digital/Social Media
Traditional Media

>> Environments
>> Medical Referral Program
Referring Physician
Patient Referrals

Virtues of Virtual

FootePrint Marketing & Advertising lacks walls, a ceiling, or even lights. We work virtual, meaning that we are always ready when you need us. With our vast network of experienced creative professionals, we can assemble a creative team that best suits your needs. Best of all, with no overhead costs comes the freedom of not having to sell you something you don’t need just to keep the lights on. We provide exactly what you need when you need it. Simple as that.

Our Values


Creating Results

Our clients stay with us not because we create ads, or websites, but because we create results. We love our business because it produces positive outcomes for our clients.

Meeting Challenges

We’ve developed a proven process that identifies and delivers opportunity. As a result, we welcome all challenges and business problems. We believe that there is a way through every obstacle.

Making A Contribution

We do not sit on the sidelines. The client goal always comes first. That doesn’t mean we roll over, it means we believe there is only one true measure of our work: your success is our success.

Having Fun

We’re not frivolous. But we are serious about ensuring our relationships at work and with clients are enjoyable and respectful. We believe that is the way to produce the very best results.

Let’s Meet For Breakfast!

Give us a couple dates that would work and we’ll make sure the coffee is on and the toast isn’t burnt!

PO Box 120563 St. Paul, MN 55112

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