Just For Fun

Having fun is a part of every one of our client relationships and our days at FootePrint Marketing & Advertising. So we thought we’d break a few rules and share some things that will hopefully make you laugh as much as they do us! Here are just a few the fun things we collected most recently.


Bernie is one of favorite clients and he has more analogies than Webster has words – most of which Kristina and I look at each other with of puzzled look wondering what he’s trying to tell us! Here are a few of them.

Dead Fish
“When you are looking for the big fish, don’t forget throw the dead ones back in the water.”

Cross the River
“While we are trying to reach our customers we’ve got to try different paths to cross the river.”

How Well Do You Know Us?

Two Truths & One Lie

We Love Hot Dogs And Eats Them About Once A Week


Dan Happens To Know A Little About Kick Boxing


Dan’s Most Creative Work Has Come While Whittling Wood


“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun!” – Katharine Hepburn

Dan Foote (before pic) – Anthony Andler, Haberdashery (after)

Let's Grab Breakfast

We find the best business conversations happen over eggs.  Give us a few dates, we’ll make sure the coffee is on and the toast isn’t burnt!

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