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2019 Women’s Health Marketing Program

2019 Women's Health Marketing Program >> By: Kristina Hansen   We are excited to announce the launch of our new women’s health marketing program, available to clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area. This program combines an innovative marketing...

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What’s In A Name?

What's In A Name? >> By: Dan Foote in·del·i·ble inˈdeləb(ə)l/ adjective: indelible (of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed. synonyms: ineradicable, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading, unforgettable, haunting, never to be...

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We’ll Throw In The Paper Clips!

We'll Throw In The Paper Clips>> By: Dan Foote 1. Paper to make planes out of: While it’s environmentally responsible to go paperless in today’s world, paper, tape and paper-clips remain essential items on nearly everyone’s desk. Unfortunately, these essential...

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Not Knowing Marketing Can Make You A Better Business Owner

Not Knowing Marketing Can Make You A Better Business Owner   We hear an admission from many of our clients: “I really should know how to do marketing, but I just don’t.” If you find marketing overwhelming and don’t know where to begin, we have some great news:...

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Position Marketing as An Investment, Not a Cost

Position Marketing as An Investment, Not a Cost I get it – marketing seems like just another expense, yet another line item in your business’ budget that thins your profit margin. However, It doesn’t have to be this way. By working smarter – not harder – on your...

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Business Goals First, Marketing Investments Second

Business Goals First. Marketing Investments Second.   Clients often ask, “what kind of marketing should we be doing?” This is a great question, but starting with marketing is putting the cart in front of the horse. Many agencies wrongly accept that approach with...

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A Free Slinky In Our Contract? You Bet

A Free Slinky In Our Contract?                                  You Bet   You may have noticed the free Slinky offer on our contact form. You may have even asked yourself, “What the heck does a slinky have to do with the marketing services I’m searching for?”...

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Enquiring Minds of babes (and a husband) Want to Know..

Enquiring Minds of babes (and a husband) Want to Know >> By: Dan Foote So, our Slinkys that we plan to give-away at prospecting meetings arrived at my partner Kristina Hansen’s house, last week. As Kristina opened the package she began to dance around the room...

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Official Site Launch

Official Site Launch >> By: Dan Foote Due to popular demand, after 9 long months of playing with color crayons, putting spell check to the test and gaining 10 pounds by going out to lunch, (because that’s what agency people are supposed to do) we are officially...

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Social Mitfit

Social Misfit Hi. My name is Dan and I’m proud to be a social misfit. Believe it or not, in a day-and-age when almost all of life’s activities have been reduced to the swipe of a button, I actually enjoy: Speaking to another human being on the phone, engaging in real...

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