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“Footeprint Marketing & Advertising’s team, led by Kristina Hansen, accurately defined the CRM brand and effectively delivered that brand-message through the creation of our new website. With a message that is as personal and emotional as ours, it is critical that the content and supporting visuals are well thought out. Equally important is the sites ability to provide single-click access to information for prospective and current patients as well as referring physicians.

These critical aspects of website design and development were accomplished. The FootePrint Marketing & Advertising team embraced our ideas and feedback and were quick to respond with recommendations or to implement our requests. They were receptive to pushing the envelope and offered welcomed pushback when needed in order to deliver a superb product. I found the process at once both welcoming of novel ideas as well as modifying such proposals with creative flair.

Ultimately, we couldn’t be more pleased with our new site and the fact that it was launched on-time and on-budget. If you are considering someone to define your brand and effectively communicate it through your website, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend considering FootePrint Marketing & Advertising and their trusted partners!”

Dan I. Lebovic, M.D. – Center For Reproductive Medicine

The Challenge

With a new board of Physician leadership, they were looking to clearly communicate their brand message and create a trusted connection with patients online while preserving and honoring the legacy of their founding physicians.

The Solution

Through a brand workshop, we defined the brand – both the legacy that was turning over and how to carry them successfully into the future. From there, we developed a creative direction that authentically represented the physician team and their staff.



The Results

Through the development of a new website, we created a connection of trust and confidence with patients online. The website is making a positive impact on new patient conversion with contact form submissions increasing and better overall website conversion.

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