Women’s Health Marketing Program

>> By: Kristina Hansen

We are excited to announce the launch of our new women’s health marketing program, available to clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area. This program combines an innovative marketing strategy with the sensitivity necessary to recognize each woman as a holistic being, honoring her personal and family-centric health choices.   

At Footeprint Marketing & Advertising we live these principles, valuing the person as the whole being they are. We are a virtual marketing and advertising agency, co-founded by Kristina Hansen, MBA and mother of 4.  After years of juggling a corporate job and bustling home life, she set out to build an all-virtual agency that allows talented professionals to do what they love while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Kristina’s skills are complemented by those of her co-founder Dan Foote. He brings decades of ad-agency experience and an inquisitive nature, making sure we’re never afraid to ask “why?”.

Speaking of “why?,” why are we the right agency to help you reach your customers?

Our agency partners have the highest expectations of themselves because they are genuinely valued in our virtual workplace. These valued partners include working Mothers, moonlighting stay-at-home Dads, and seasoned professionals. We encourage entrepreneurship and mentor our partners to achieve personal and professional growth. We acknowledge the need for on-ramps and off-ramps for women with children and provide the space necessary to achieve success in all facets of life.   

This personal passion has fueled the success of the many women’s health clients we have served. We can now bring this insight and mutual passion forward to our Women’s Health Marketing Program, in 2019.


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