Business Goals First. Marketing Investments Second.


Clients often ask, “what kind of marketing should we be doing?” This is a great question, but starting with marketing is putting the cart in front of the horse. Many agencies wrongly accept that approach with a “we know best” attitude. However, nobody knows your client better than themselves. Great marketing starts with defining a client’s goals and then creating the customized marketing plan based on that information.

What are your goals?

Before launching a marketing campaign, you need to know the answers to a couple of questions:

  1. What are the revenue goals for your business?
  2. How much is a new client worth to your business?


Once these answers are known, you can determine how many clients you need to reach your businesses’ revenue goals. For example, if your revenue goal is $1,000 and a new client is worth $100 in revenue to your business:

$1,000/$100= 10 New Clients

Based on this information, you can now put together a plan for you to generate 10 (or more!) new clients and make your marketing investment pay off. The next step is working to define your marketing return on investment (ROI). Check out our future blog posts to learn more…

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