A Free Slinky In Our Contract?                                  You Bet


You may have noticed the free Slinky offer on our contact form. You may have even asked yourself, “What the heck does a slinky have to do with the marketing services I’m searching for?”

We’re glad you asked.

It may not seem like it when you’re stuck in a long line at the store or on hold with customer service, but life is short. And in this short life, a lot of your time is spent at work. At FootePrint Marketing, we explicitly value making work fun. Given our experiences, we know it’s possible to meet business objectives and have loads of fun. Not only is it possible, but at this point, it’s in our DNA. Our fun inspires our great work.

Having fun should not be difficult. Some of the simplest things – like the Slinky – can bring us the most pure joy. The Slinky is simple enough for even the youngest child to get a kick out of and can always be turned to when you need a few moments of levity.

We like to think we’re the same way, as we have fun while providing top-notch marketing for our clients and never take ourselves too seriously. Partnering with us to market your product or service is a no-frills experience, as our lack of overhead and bureaucracy allows us to flex to meet your needs. As our website shows, at Footeprint, it’s all about you.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

No one knows us better than our own flesh-and-blood. We asked our kids what attributes they think we share with the venerable Slinky. Their responses included:

  • You’re both really flexible and stretch a lot 
  • Slinkies move a lot and you move a lot, unless you’re sleeping on the couch 
  • They are very fun to play with and so is my mom 
  • Timeless fun
  • You fall down stairs easily 

Find Out For Yourself

You don’t have to take our word or their word for it. Contact us today to find out how our fun approach to marketing can help bring your business to the next level of success.

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