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>> By: Dan Foote
Anyone who has sat down to create a resume or fill-out an online dating profile knows how difficult it can be to describe who you are and the value you bring to the table. It is far easier for most people to describe who they are not.

In my case, I know that I’m not tall, young, or fashion-forward.

“Does it matter if you are tall or a fashion plate? Is there a point to this?”

Yes. It matters because this issue applies to creative agencies the same way it applies to creative individuals. I may not be able to tell you exactly what FootePrint Marketing & Advertising can deliver, but I can tell you what you won’t get when working with our virtual agency:

  • You won’t get to help us pay for our overhead, since we don’t have any overhead
  • You won’t be shuffled off to an intern, because we don’t have any interns
  • You won’t find your project stuck “in-the-queue” because we don’t have a queue
  • You won’t receive recommendations for marketing solutions based on the talents of agency staff, because we don’t have agency staff

The real virtue of a virtual agency like ours is that we are able to take a strategic approach to your marketing needs. First, we identify and define the opportunity. Second, we propose the strategies and tactics that we think will deliver the best results. Finally, we will establish a team of top-notch marketing pros that fit your unique situation, not ours.

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