We’ll Throw In The Paper Clips

>> By: Dan Foote

1. Paper to make planes out of:

While it’s environmentally responsible to go paperless in today’s world, paper, tape and paper-clips remain essential items on nearly everyone’s desk. Unfortunately, these essential office supplies way to often become a line-item on many ad agency client bills under the title “miscellaneous.” Fortunately, at FootePrint Marketing & Advertising we feel that there are better uses for these essential office tools other than landing on client bills such as:

2. Tape to hold up valuable artwork:

3. Paper-clips to make cool things:

So, if you ever wonder why you are paying for “miscellaneous” items from your current agency that you don’t feel you’ve requested, give us a call!  If nothing else, we can make a few paper planes together and have a contest to see who’s will fly furthest – the loser buys breakfast! AND, we’ll throw in the paper, tape and paper-clips!

Just a little more attitude by a non-agency agency owner:

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