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>> By: Dan Foote
So, our Slinkys that we plan to give-away at prospecting meetings arrived at my partner Kristina Hansen’s house, last week. As Kristina opened the package she began to dance around the room and yell: “our Slinkys are here, are Slinkys are here,” (In case you don’t know Kristina, she gets really excited about little things). Once Kristina’s young children settled her down a bit, along with her reserved, yet hilarious husband Nick, they had serious questions about why the heck we bought Slinkys for work??

So, she tried to explain that we think Slinkys represent us (where she came up with that, I’ll never be able to figure out, but oh well, who doesn’t like to play with an old-school Slinky, right?) Then she proceeded to ask each of her family members to guess why we ordered Slinkys.

Here are their responses:

You bend to people’s will
You’re flexible
You fall down stairs easily
They’re anti-stressful and as a business you’re not stressful

You’re both really flexible and stretch a lot
Sometimes you get angry and “boing them” into people’s faces
They bounce a lot and you like to bounce a lot
Slinkies move a lot and you move a lot, unless you’re sleeping on the couch
They like to sleep a lot, like when people aren’t using them the are sleeping

They are very flexible with their schedules
They are very fun to play with and so is my mom
Bunch of different ways you can use them, you can be creative with them

Nick: (Okay, forget about that statement that Nick is hilarious)
Timeless fun
They take something very simple and make it entertaining

So, while we may be flexible, bounce a lot and fall down stairs easily, don’t ever make Kristina mad, she may just “boing you in the face with a Slinky!”

Do you or someone you know like to play with Slinkys, if so, contact us or, share our blog with a friend. Who knows, after Kristina wakes up from her nap she may just fall down the steps to meet with you!

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