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>> By: Dan Foote
Due to popular demand, after 9 long months of playing with color crayons, putting spell check to the test and gaining 10 pounds by going out to lunch, (because that’s what agency people are supposed to do) we are officially announcing the launching of
Facts: If spell check would have ever recognized that Foote does have an “e” on the end of it things would have gone much faster.


  • If designs made from color crayons drawings and grade school paste-up designs could have been translated to our page development – well, to be honest, it still would have taken us 9-months.
  • If days had 48 hours, the time to create the site could have been cut in half – or, doubled, depending upon how you look at things.
  • There were 3,999,386 children born over that same time frame in the United States.


Reality: Our real excuse for not launching our site prior to this is because, over that 9-month period we had the incredible privilege to gain several clients, work on many great projects that we just didn’t have the time to spend working on our own brand…then on the other hand, over the last 9-months, we did nothing but work on our brand.


How can that be when we have completed multiple websites, provided out-sourced director of marketing services, executed SEO, PPC and tradition marketing services for clients over that period, yet nothing about our brand? Well, it’s because the FootePrint Marketing&Advertising brand focus is not about us at all, it’s about what’s important to our clients!


So, we’d love to have you learn more about our brand through the voices of our clients on our new website….check it out.


  • Like us on FaceBook and LinkedIn (come on, you know you like us, even if you don’t like us, go ahead, do it we double dare you! Don’t be afraid, big-brother isn’t watching)
  • Share our news with your friends (we need as many friends as possible, we have so few so far)
  • And, thank God, at least we didn’t have to go through childbirth, yet there were days that felt like we were going to before this site was launched.


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